#11 – Please note …..

The eighteen programs in the award-winning In Search of a Good Death radio and internet project, produced at PBA FM in Adelaide with funding from the Community Broadcasting Foundation of Australia, were finalised and broadcast in 2014.

In utilising these podcasts and study guides, please be aware that some aspects of the law, especially in relation to palliative care and end-of-life decision making, may vary across Australian states and territories, and may have changed since 2014.

For details of the award-winning program – Life Tipped Upside Down – Kate’s Story – see Post #10 below.

Another Award-Winning Project
Creative Male Ageing
Challenging conventions and exploring new options for older men.
Creative Male Ageing was produced at PBA FM in Adelaide.
PBA FM acknowledges funding from the Office for Ageing, Government of South Australia.
Twelve radio programs with study guides, broadcast nationally in 2015.
See also related audiofiles on Men’s Health and Wellbeing

#10 – Life Tipped Upside Down – An Award-Winning Program

PBA FM in Adelaide is pleased to advise that Program 10 in this 2014 series – Life Tipped Upside Down: Kate’s Story – won a very welcome Media Award in South Australia, thanks to the very moving contribution of three excellent interviewees in Brisbane and Sydney.

This program also was Highly Commended during the 2014 National Conference in Adelaide of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia.

For program contents and to listen to the full program, go to Study Guide for Program 10, on this website.

#08 – Programs 15 – 18

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Program 15 – Daring to Challenge Cultural Conventions
Finding meaning and hope in dying without religion and spirituality
Program 16 – Ethical Matters
Often-asked questions in end-of-life care
Program 17 – Burying Our Dead
Meaningful and healing rituals
Program 18 – Spreading the Word
End-of-life literacy in the community

#06 – Program 13 – The Sounds of Silence

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Silence as a valuable means of communication
Today we meet The Death Whisperer! In this extended interview with retired palliative care physician Dr Michael Barbato, we hear about the role of palliative care in ensuring that the remaining years or months of life are lived to the full. Being there with a person approaching the end of life is important, not as rescuer or helper, but rather as a companion on the journey, and being there just as another human being, often with no answers. The importance of silence is also considered.

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#05 – Program 12 – Beyond Pills and Platitudes

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The importance of authentic human encounters
In this program, another aspect of choosing to die at home – we hear from an Adelaide carer who, in her long-time friend’s final weeks, helped him achieve his wish to die at home, and some of the practical and ethical issues they faced together. We also hear from two palliative care specialists; the program ends with a reading of Bruce Dawe’s 2007 poem White-Water Rafting and Palliative Care. The production team thanks Bruce Dawe for permission to include this poem in this series.

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#04 – Program 11 – The Tyranny of Distance

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Special Issues in end-of-life care in rural Australia

In this program, we hear four different perspectives on working with clients with a life-limiting illness in regional and remote Australia. In addition to care and support for older people approaching the end of their lives, we also hear of the work in more distant parts of New South Wales with children and young people with life-limiting illnesses and their families.

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#03 – Program 10 – Life Tipped Upside Down – Kate’s Story

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An Award-Winning program
Caring for a child with a life-limiting illness

Today’s program begins in Brisbane with an interview with Fiona Engwirda, a mother whose daughter Kate was deemed to be palliative on her first birthday. We follow the story of Kate’s illness, through to the two journeys from Brisbane to Bear Cottage in the Sydney suburb of Manly. Bear Cottage was recently in the news, with the visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. We also hear from Associate Professor John Collins at Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney, and from Clinical Nurse Specialist Sue Bartolini who works at Bear Cottage with children with a life-limiting illness and their families. Following Kate’s death, we hear of Fiona’s work now to facilitate the establishment of Hummingbird House in Brisbane.

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#02 – Program 09 – Difficult Conversations

“Go Home And Get Your Affairs In Order!” Words that no-one would ever wish to hear. Yet, for many people, this does happen, when a life-limiting illness is diagnosed. In 2005, Jenny and Murray and their family in Brisbane were told that further medical treatment for Murray would be futile. So a decision was made to ensure that Murray’s final weeks would be very special for him and for the family he would very soon be leaving. Murray’s story is told by Jenny, in In Search of a Good Death, on PBA FM in Adelaide and other participating stations through the Community Radio Network, in Week Beginning Monday 23 June 2014.

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